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Greetings on the beginning of MAY. Strange news that a bold faced LIAR and  Tweeter may be named for the Noble Peace Price? Only in AMERICA as they say.  Is this the F A K E  news he talks about? Who Knows.

The following Op-Ed piece is certainly something for Canadians to be thinking about, and yes bolstering our North with far  more than the Arctic Rangers. Who are  more of a Reconnaissance Unit who report on activities in the Far North.     http://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/arctic-militarization-1.4594397


Both op-ed’s very interesting read to say the least.

It is not very often that I agree with the upper Chamber in Ottawa but SENATORS who are asking for a one year delay in Cannabis regulation are to be heard.

The legalisation of this DRUG of choice shows the attitude of a non caring government. Yes use it for medical purposes, BUT how will our Military, and our Police services treat this legalisation?


Try as I may I have searched and searched for news on what the Military Policy will be, with regard to Cannabis Legalisation.

I Have just answered the door to our local postie. Lo and behold a large envelope from VAC Canada?

Is it an answer to my claim of over 2 months , NO it is a Glossy New Veterans Magazine available also on line: Please have a read and let me know your opinion of this Magazine.   http://www.veterans.gc.ca/salute

On that note enjoy the month of May have a thought and a prayer for our Military, Military Families and Veterans of all ages.

Nil Sine Labore




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