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With  this being the Centennary of the RAF. I found it most surprising that some very important people have been left out of the Celebrations. These were the few women who FLEW the aircraft from the factory to the first line airbases. These women contributed greatly to the war Effort;


Todays question to the Canadian Government is this:  WHY has Canada 130 Generals for a standing ARMY of 79000 with a reserve of 32500 for a grand total of; 111500 or about one general to 857 and a 1/2 soldiers.

While Vietnam with a standing ARMY of 448,500 with a reserve of 5,040,000 yet they have a total of 7 Generals in the military and two in the Police for a distribution of 6471 per general in the standing army.



Canadian Generals all 130 of them average monthly Salary is approximately 15000 dollars per month.

No wonder TRUDEAU has no money left for the Veterans.

Meanwhile on the GOOD NEWS  front  The Wild BOARS and coach have all been rescued:  PTL


A Hearty Bravo ZULU  to the Thai Seal Team and international Volunteers. The world working together to rescue the team.

On that note I will now Post this edition.

Nil Sine Labore


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