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                     Wise words COURAGEOUS FAMILIES, stand by their Soldiers.

The worrying news at the upcoming NATO Summit on May 25th is that our PM will be asked to provide an increase of  Canadian Troops as trainers in Afghanistan?  This will be an extemely difficult decision for him, one that must be made by a Vote in the House of Commons.

David Pugilese has written this fine article in the Ottawa Citizen:

Will the Canadian Forces return for a new Afghanistan mission?

Meanwhile at home our Royal Canadian Engineers, have done a build of a Bailey Bridge for residents suffering from Flood Damage in Quebec. Our RCE men and women are professionals in bridge building BRAVO ZULU to all who assisted in the building of theis Bridge for Canadians.


Canadian Forces build temporary bridge on Laval’s Île-Verte



As Canada gears up for its  Centennial and a Half  birthday party on the Hill, and across Canada on CANADA DAY. I cant help but think of the Centennary in 1967. The last time that the Canadian Military had a National Tattoo, travelling Coast to Coast to Coast.

Canada was so proud of her Military in 1967, even though massive changes were to take place shortly after.

Enjoy the 10 minute video of The 1967 Canadian Centennial Tattoo. I hope some of you Vets spot yourself in the videos. Ah those were great days.


Please have a thought and a Prayer for Canadian Troops around the Globe and their families and loved ones who remain behind.

As it is the 150th Anniversary of Canada it may be the year that you show support by purchasing a flag in honour of a family member, a friend or simply on behalf of yourself and family to honour our Military and indeed Military Families.


                               FLAGS of   REMEMBRANCE

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