Midweek and Mali hits the headlines…..

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Thank God it was not Canadian Fatalities. Condolences to the families and loved ones of those wounded and killed. Canada’s Partner France had serious wounds.


Back in March an editorial appeared on the CBC it is well worth reading again.


Meanwhile the USA is sending
Pompeo to North Korea as doubts mount over denuclearization, So much for the Orange Mans Peace Prize?


Trump wishes to  initiate a Space Military Group…well The Chinese not only invented  GUNPOWDER many years ago they have now developed a STAR WARS  Type weapon for infantry soldiers:


Today is the Independence Day Holiday of our Southern Neighbours, I wish them all a great 4th of July.

Meanwhile while our Current Canadian Government says there are no  extra funding available for Veterans, he continues to give to  The ENEMY ? ? ?


I am currently enrolled in a Study  of Dementia. King’s College is conducting it. I was extremely interested in this sad story from Sundays Paper in the USA  Gun violence  claims 96 people a day on average in the USA. This article about a retired Chief of Police with Dementia is yet another problem within the USA  sufferers owning guns from before their illness.


Have a great remainder of the week.

Always remember your Canadian Military, their Families and Loved Ones and off Course our Veterans.

Nil Sine Labore



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