Monday 14 days till Christmas,

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Sad news this morning from a study  conducted by Veterans Affairs Canada:

Canadian veterans have ‘significantly’ higher risk of dying by suicide, study says:

This is indeed sad news especially at this time of year. So I implore everyone if you know a veteran even a phone call with words of Thank You may save someone. A lot of Vets are feeling neglected by our Government in fact they are paying more attention to bringing ENEMY COMBATANTS Home and attempting to retrain their minds.

Our VETERANS and serving military deserve far more than this. To lose a son, daughter, wife, husband, father ,mother or simply a friend , is unimaginable to some. We must look for Veterans on the streets, to help them with their lives.

Losing a soldier in battle is terrible BUT to lose someone to suicide is horrendous.

Mr Trudeau look at your family this festive season and think of families Military Families who have lost someone. Families who live in fear of losing someone. You must assist these men and women as a priority over the lowlifes who went to join isis/daesh.

On that Note I finish today. Please have a thought and a prayer for those who will be apart over Christmas and New Years.

Nil Sine Labore


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