Monday A True Canadian & East Coaster Sgt Roy Rushton R I P

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This humble soldier lived to 100 — and saved hundreds of lives.

I hope the RCL recognises a REAL VETERAN note where his medals are. R I P  Sgt Roy Rushton a true Canadian Soldier.


Meanwhile the Orange President is sulking and ignoring US Troops and Veterans. Simply because his Dictatorial Parade for Veterans Day has been Cancelled.  Instead he will create massive Security problems, for the French, by attending the Parade In PARIS.  Marking Remembrance day and the end of WW1:

This is a SLAP in the face for Troops, and Veterans and the memory of WW1 soldiers who perished, how a person who is Commander in Chief  will not be in attendance for his own Country is beyond my comprehension. S H A M E  on you Donald J Trump. 

A further press story about Trump and his meeting with Veterans of the Vietnam War. He is convinced that the NAPALM used in the film Apocalypse Now, was in fact AGENT ORANGE a defoliant as  opposed, to the extremely combustible  NAPALM. Where was this DRAFT DODGER during the war in SE Asia?

I saw a  meme on the internet which made me laugh it was a photo of Trump and Putin, where Putin says to him  what is the J for in Donald J Trump…Trumps response   “JENIUS”  this says a lot for the state of this  president’s mind set.

Meanwhile the TALIBAN in Afghanistan has been very active  over the past weekend?

With the date rapidly approaching in Canada for the legalisation of Cannabis, Marijuana, Mary Jane whatever you call it, it is ADDICTIVE:

This will certainly be a problem for police and the military.

On that note I close with asking once again, please have a prayer or a thought for our military, our veterans and military families. T

Nil Sine Labore



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