Monday and Canucks Advance Party in M A L I

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The first team of advance Canadians have arrived in Mali once again wearing the ;

Canadians have worn this Beret on  many peacekeeping duties for over 1/2 a century. May this tour of Duty as difficult as it may be. Bring all Canadians home safely to the arms of their Loved ones.

For a few of the young soldiers, on this mission it will be their FIRST in a Blue Beret.

I have full confidence in all of these Canadian Soldiers to do their very best and continue in the footsteps of their predecessors, Congo, Egypt, Syria, Korea wherever Blue berets were needed.

Meanwhile as a ten Dollar Canadian I must say my piece with regard to the Jailing of the young Jogger in BC. Crossing an imaginary line, certainly did not mean detention. Trumps Border SS are being far too aggressive and certainly not assessing the situation inn other words Using their Heads for more than a HAT RACK……

The orange leader south of Canada¬† now wants a fantasy fulfilled with a Space ARMY…… I do think that the days of Star Trek, Star wars are certainly not here yet?

This fool they Call President is perhaps the beginning of the END for the USA. On many news pages there are stories of his easing of family separation at border crossings, then on the same page he is strengthening the zero tolerance at the Borders. I certainly do not understand Canadian Snowbirds who think he is the next Messiah. Their turn will come when he puts another tax on SNOWBIRDS.

TRUMP also calls for CANADA to pay more for NATO?

SADDENING NEWS just out re D Day Celebrations 06 June 2019: Dame Vera Lynn has asked that her name be removed from the celebration at Sword Beach.

On that note folks please give a thought and or a prayer for the men and women in MALI and their families and loved ones remaining at home.

Nil Sine Labore


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