Monday and news of MALI the LOGISTICS of getting there.

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Thanks to the men and women of the LOGISTICS BRANCH (nee RCASC) A cardinal rule for the military is if you think you need it, you better be prepared to bring it with you. For Operation PRESENCE – Mali, this proved to be more that 1.4 million pounds of equipment – all of which had to be moved from Canada by air.

Digitalisation is a terrific storage place for our  history as the RCAF has proven, Bravo Zulu to the RCAF LIBRARY.  Who knows in Future my book may be digitalised for posterity, all about the memories of RCASC Apprentice Soldiers 1953-1967.

On a Naval note anyone who has served on the west coast is aware of HMCS Oriole Canada’s longest serving vessel. Here is an interview with her current Forward Operating Logistics Officer. Sub-Lieutenant Adelaide Taylor of Welland Ontario.

So as we can see today Logistics is as important today as it was in the  days of the Roman Empire. For those readers that may be interested here is a digital site of Logistics in the days of the VAST ROMAN EMPIRE:

Our Canadian Government should check this out for our Veterans:

Not sure how many of you have heard of the Buchannan Trust it’s 1000 acre farm that was gifted to veterans we are in the process of building a national centre for trauma, veterans will be taught skills, given homes and will have the opportunity to build their own forever homes. Please share with as many groups as possible let’s get this project the publicity it deserves so more veterans can be helped. Contact Andy Leavy for details of how you can help find out more about the trust here

This Blogger a Retired RN and RCN Veteran ( Submariner) Frederick Rodgers is well worth following:

On that note plese have a thought and/or a rayer for our men and women serving in the far flung corners of our Globe. Their Families who remain at home and as always our Veterans.

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