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As is my norm, when I get up release the chickens , allow the dogs n cat out  feed them then I have a coffee and check the CBC news. Well today the lead story is all about the legal rights of homegrown  Jihadis. One set of lawyers deem it all right to remove them from the face of our earth. One set of HIGHLY PAID lawyers deem it is against their Charter of Rights as Canadians.  THE RIGHT TO LIFE. Well as far as this blogger is concerned they GAVE UP THEIR rights as Canadians by fighting against Canada and her allies. These so called Holy Warriors have spewed their doctrine of  hate and terror toeveryone who does not follow Islam. They are  allowed to be killed in the name of an uneducated man named Mohammed.

Well Mr Trudeau the people  that voted and yes some voted for you are angry and upset. At the cash payments, the re integration of terrorists on Canadian SOIL. You sir must begin listening to the people who pay taxes, have never fought against their own country nor spewed evil about Islam nor any other religion. I wonder truly how much these 60 men who tried to kill us and our allies is costing us as taxpayers? I certainly pray that some media outlet can obtain information via the Freedom of Information Act.

SHAME on the you Mr PM and on your Government allowing these TRAITORS  to return to accommodation 3 meals a day and all the other enticements you offer. I attach the CBC link for those who have not been able to see or read it before now.

The second part of today’s Blog is rather lengthy, but it is well worth a read. It is written by a Veteran Pete Howell  who is  angry with your inactive Government. I present here for you from My friend and Fellow Blogger Frederick Rodgers of PEI himself a true Canadian and VETERAN who also feels passionately about the issue of Veterans and their care.

A Little Serious this Sunday, Actually very Serious

I implore anyone who reads this article and agrees, then please forward it by any means at your disposal. For those who may not agree, that is your right as Canadians, however please remember the Home Grown Jihadis who would like to end the freeworld Charters of Rights, by killing Canadians and our allies.

I leave today with a frustrated and angry heart at this so called LIBERAL Government.

Please remember our Veterans and our serving soldiers especially at this season of the year.

Nil Sine Labore


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