Monday Blues

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The Tit for Tat presidency of the United States continues. The Spoiled Bullying Man Child Trump has shown his might against North Korea again by flying his bombers nearby N Korean Air Airspace and firing some of his defensive armament Missiles to counter ICBM’s.

Then his Tit for Tat continues with more sanctions against Russia and President Putin has responded by  booting out 700 plus US diplomatic staff.

Next was Iran where US navy fired a warning shot.

Then on his home front he made a speech in which he said that Police should not be gentle with arrests nor to cover someone’s head as they enter a police car for questioning.

This man has totally lost the Global Plot. Is there no one he does not wish to BULLY

That’s the TRUMP story for this past weekend…when will the USA dump this idiot?

Meanwhile at HOME  Murray Brewster  adds his opinion to a column about lack of Mental Patient Training for our Military Police:

Only a couple of weeks left to order a FLAG of REMEMBRANCE for 2017, honour a relative, a friend or a group.

          SUPPORT        YOUR        TROOPS ,         VETERANS           T H A N K Y O U

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