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I do not have to worry about a subject for today’s BLOG. My old pal, brother  apprentice, cook and mentor

George Girling sent me this most interesting article from WW2 about a  soldier   Leo Major of the

Regiment de la Chaudiere    

Major would go on to become the only Canadian ever to receive a Distinguished Conduct Medal in two separate wars (the second earned in Korea). Leo Major a True Canadian HERO:

This WWII soldier liberated a whole town by himself, but most Canadians still don’t know his name

Thanks George for such an interesting article.

\the second article was also sent to me by a brother Apprentice, Trucker and amigo of many Years. Bob Garsnell  aka   “NEWF.”

I always enjoy e mails from my brother apprentices and thanks again to NEWF.

To all my fellow Veterans who served  in 4 CMBG here s a story from the UK Sandbag Times, with the story of the infamous bouncing Bombs, of Barnes Wallace . Used to take out the Dams along the Ruhr Valley including the Mohne See.

That’s it for today, please support your troops and your Veterans as well as Military Families.

Nil Sine labore


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