Monday Moaning G-20 and the trump clown

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First today I would like to share this e Link from Newf Garsnell a brother Apprentice and old friend, it is very interesting:

An interesting read. Check out this website.
A lot of stories you will never see on TV news.
obviously under TRUMP this will never change.
NATO HQ is concerned with the USA not meeting commitments nor backing them after Trump cosies up to Vladimir.
First he tweeted that US/Russia will co operate on a Cyber defense policy? A scant few hours later after he was dressed down by senators, Rubio McCann and others he re Tweeted that this will not happen??? is this the proper leader for the free world…..I Think Not.
A few links to share  and to possibly think about this so called Leader. NATO is certainly unimpressed and even his own Republican Senate is frustrated with his child like actions on the world stage.–sadiq-khan-widen-chasm-between-us-and-europe-column/102516256/
That is it for today. I am off to Glagow tomorrow to meet myd daughter her partner, and my youngest Grand kids Koan and Lily Yahoooooo.
If you are interested my first live Radio Sgow on the Sand Bag Times radio Net will be tonight Monday 10 July at 200 UK time that is 3 pm in Ontario:
Here is the link any requests or messages most welcome:
Take Care Stay Safe Stay Happy always remember your Military and Veterans  one month left to register a FLAG of REMEMBRANCE.

SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS, VETERANS with a FLAG  > > > > > >       T H A N K Y O U

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