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The co- author of  The Vimy Trap,   Jamie Swift was at a summit held at at U Vic. He disclaims Vimy as a turning point in Canada’s military history. A couple of excerpts from the next link:

Swift said he and McKay, a historian at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., argue that the myth of Canadian frontier boys triumphing during the 1917 battle is not really accurate. Many men in the Canadian army were actually born in Britain and fighting for their motherland, not Canada. I sent this article to my good friend and fellow Veteran, George Girling who is currently in Begium paying his repects to family members who did not return frrom WW1.Here is his answer to that article:

To make an idiotic statement that they were fighting for England and not Canada, that is not news. Almost all of those fighting were born in England, unless I was misinformed and they were all indigenous soldiers. All five of my relatives, who fought in WW1, were born in England. They did not return to their birth country to enlist, they went to Winnipeg. Even when I was in grade school, ‘40s and ‘50s, we all stood every morning and sang “God save the king”. I just assume the umbilical cord was still attached to England in those days. We, like all commonwealth countries, fought for the king…that is not news, perhaps this guy was outside, puffing, when thy were teaching history. Anyway, my grandfather and great uncles have maple leafs etched on their tombstones.

I think that George says it all in that paragraph.

this leads to my next story from the CBC  not recognising a group as Terrorists, because of a name change?? Where does that come from?

Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate escapes from Canada’s terror list

Failure to list group keeps Canada in line with U.S., but complicates potential prosecutions.

Why do we have to be in line with TRUMPVILLE the US habit of producing, slling and sometimes giving to warring sides in conflicts gas been going on for years. I hope our school teacher Prime  Minister pays close attention, and supports Canadian’s at the NATO Summit.

Defence policy review to be released after Trudeau meets NATO allies in Brussels

‘I think the Americans are going to be disappointed and our European allies will be dumbfounded’

That is my MOANS for the day.

Please support our Military families, Veterans and, remember those who paid the ultimate price in Vimmy 100 years ago.

Nil Sine Labore



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