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What has the head Shed decided with regard to Marijuana use within the military community?  For the day it becomes legal in Canada is fast approaching.

I am sure that General Vance and his Surgeon General are checking all aspects of the use of this weed in the military. I do hope that they consider the question that I have? What will happen to a soldier serving in the USA or some other country where Marijuana is  still illegal. Will they go to a foreign jail, will they be blacklisted from serving in that country.

I do not envy the military in making these decisions. This is where the RCASC Motto certainly comes into its own.

NIL  SINE LABORE….. Nothing but Work,  also the order of the garter sounds prophetic with this issue….. Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense…… Evil to He whom evil thinks. Certainly will be a major decision for future operations.

I am in agreement for marijuana for Veterans suffering with PTSD if it helps them, but certainly not for Serving Soldiers.

Leaving the military for a second a pause for thought: Plastic straws are now banned and illegal WHEN  are we going to bar AUTOMATIC weapons for civilians ?

The Canadian Army says that it is getting back to Basics for modern soldiers here is a 2 minute Video.

I was under the impression that CANADA was a PROUD Member of NATO. If so why did the Trudeau Government  purchase radar which is not compatible with our NATO ALLIES ? ? ? ?

On that note I will leave you for now and tell you one and all.That my Partner of 15 Years has moved onto the Advance Party. FAREWELL my Loyal Friend Sasha a Therapet Canine for 10 years of her life. She gave so much to so many. She was the first Therapet in the Banchory Academy Reading Programme.



Nil Sine Labore




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