Monday Morning a SUNNY Day R A N T ……

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I honestly think that a lot of Veterans will agree with my thoughts on the Repatriated ISIS Jihadis from Canada. This one captured  and being tried in NY after admitting to an execution killing, he participated in in Syria. Has now RECANTED his statement. This is natural as the cowardly scumbag wishes to return to TRUDEAU Land for a repatriation Course and funding from the Bleeding Hearted Liberal Government?

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has refused to provide details on the status of a Canadian former ISIS fighter who made an apparent confession to an execution-style killing in Syria, saying police and security officials are taking all necessary steps to “keep Canadians safe.”

I take exception to traitorous  Canadians who fight for our enemies. The moment they accept allegiance to a TERRORIST Organisation they cease Canadian Citizenship. Therefore releasing the Government of the day HELPING Them. I am sure they all treat Omar Khadir multi millionaire as a Mentor and hope to win as much of our tax payers dollars to their personal bank accounts.

That’s my rant for this beautiful Monday in the Highlands of Scotland.

Have a great Day

Nil Sine Labore



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