Monday Morning Moans

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What is most likely scenario for war?

As I read this header in the papers, I began to wonder if a war will eventually breakout with the USA and    N Korea.  Trump and Kim have certainly raised the tit for tat Rhetoric. Even while North and South Korea have agreed to talks , who knows perhaps of reunification? Which would give us yet another nation of people who have been living with fear, hunger and hardship? Unlike the tearing down of the Berlin War, where east German citizens became part of a unified Germany. South Korea is far too small to accept a mad influx of North Koreans seeking a better life. IF reunification is on the cards then the UN must step up to the plate and dismiss the blockades on food etc to the North.

However I worry about the Orangeman and his volatile temper. Read the telegraph take on N Korea.

I am sure that people around the world would like nothing better than reunification of both Korea’s.

without threats of NUCLEAR WAR.

In the USA a convicted Terrorist faces Life in prison at 22 years of age……Personally I see no problem with that, yet he has sent a 24 page letter to the courts asking for leniency , and I am sure Trudeau’s permission to return to Canada. As far as I am concerned this is one less home grown Jihadist we have to worry about.

Trump attended a Gridiron dinner  recently and made jokes about meeting with Kim il Jung?‘pure-madness’-dark-days-inside-the-white-house-as-trump-shocks-and-rages/ar-BBJQntB?li=AAmiR2Z&ocid=spartandhp

FINALLY and the QUESTION PERSISTS…..Why does the current Government have enough to help Canadian Veterans. perhaps this is part of the cash crisis where Canadians wounded both Physically and mentally in Afghanistan have limited funding: Its and old quotation but here goes.


Sad news from TV land, MASH the most watched military sit com of the Korean War. David Ogden Steers   AKA Major Charles   Emerson Winchester  Surgeon.  R I P Major thank you for entertaining us.

Please say a prayer or have a thought for our Military Families and Veterans.

On that note time to head out for feed for the beasties. As they say here in a Snowy Scotland

Nil Sine Labore





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