Monday Morning, updated NATO Chemical Warfare Exercise

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In the past 100 years since WW1 Chemical warfare has always been a dreaded factor in War. From the mustard Gas of WW1 to the Novichok nerve agent of modern times. 

In the first war after the first mustard Gas attacks, Gas masks and rubberized capes were produced and issued to the soldiers.  Fast forward a Century and Chemical warfare although outlawed by the United Nations continues in Syria and Iraq  as well as other parts of the world. Our current deployment with NATO had undergone a major Chemical Attack exercise. Rightfully so the location of this exercise remains a SECRET.

BRAVO ZULU to MATO and  the troops involved as the RN says. Ready Aye Ready for any eventuality in modern warfare.

Now going back in time   to 1972. The US had an amazing Sub that was far ahead of its time. In fact some may have called it science fiction had they known at the time:

Now I must admit that this subject is PRICKLY at best. The current PM of Canada is destroying the History of Canada. Authorising the downfall of Statues, yes inanimate objects of history> Canada’s first PM  Sir John A  MacDonald has had his statue removed in Victoria BC. Yet a park in Winnipeg has been named after  Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of the modern state of Pakistan. This is the man who brought Sharia Law to Pakistan.

Pakistan independence from India led to 1M deaths. Yet a   park or a statue to a young Canadian that harmed no one, and has spawned millions of dollars for Cancer Research is ignored in the city of his birth. TERRY FOX  was born in Winnipeg in 1958. Although Canada has many statues and memorials from sea to sea to sea of Terry Fox. Parks etc his Birthplace simply has a Stretch of the National Highway named in his Honour. While Trudeau is attempting to change History, why honour the foundrr of Pakistan who had absolutely nothing to do with Canada nor Canadian history? or is it due to the influx of Pakistani immigrants and refugees over the years. PEOPLE who wished to leave Pakistan to make a better life for themselves than was available in a Sharia dominated Pakistan.

Sir John A was born in Scotland and :Sir John set up his own legal practice in Canada at the age of 19, before entering politics seven years later.
He devoted his life to promoting the Canadian Confederation and held the position of prime minister for 18 years, the second longest term in Canadian history.
During his time as prime minister, Sir John – who was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1867 – made it his priority to create a modern Canadian nation, developing the Canadian Transcontinental Railway and founding the Canadian Mounted Police, the Mounties.
He died in 1891 at the age of 76. His son, Hugh John Macdonald, went on to become premier of Manitoba and named his residence in Winnipeg as Dalnavert. The building now houses a museum.

The following article is from 2010 PT….Pre Trudeau certainly a different era historically:

and the latest article from SCOTLAND.

On that note while reading  or having a coffee why not listen to River Dee Radio  on your lap top , I pad or phone  it is a free App simply ask for App  RIVER DEE RADIO.

Here is a link to our Legion based radio station.

Till next time stay safe, be happy and enjoy life.

Never forgetting our Military, their Families and Veterans of all conflicts.

Nil Sine Labore




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