Monday Morning what’s Kim Up To?

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As if a Nuclear war wasn’t bad enough ! ! !  now the latest  intel sends this TERRIFYING Report:

A terrifying new report, issued by the intelligence company AMPLYFI and Harvard University, said Kim could even use North Korean civilians to spread the diseases across the globe.

I feel that this is a worse threat than an all out war. If all the allies pulled together and removed this mad man from the Planet, we may return to a peaceful state of affairs  . We must come together to remove this madman.

In a conventional war, targets would be destroyed and yes if a Nuclear warhead was used Millions would die. However the lingering agonies of disease, seem to be the worst of two evils.

In just over 2 weeks we will be Remembering those that have paid the ultimate price in wars to date.  I am not sure if the USA is right in allowing their current man/child President to  travel to Asia and to South Korea Specifically. ( U.S. President Donald Trump’s first official visit to Asia next month that’s likely to be overshadowed by tensions with North Korea. )

This is a provocation to that other madman in North Korea? With US And South Korean forces completing their war games, WHY would they put their Commander in Chief into a dangerous area of the world ? I certainly hope that the Donald’s finger is kept away from the infamous BUTTON.

What a world. Please buy a poppy for remembrance of those who have paid the Ultimate Price and to their Families who remember them always:

Nil Sine Labore





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