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On the past weekend. I participated in the 100th Anniversary of the RAF, here in Scotland at the Banchory Museum. It was a great well attended event. The 2 most senior RAF veterans that appeared were 96 and 97 years  of age. One was a Spitfire pilot and the other served in India as a Radio Officer. a Hearty BRAVO ZULU to all the Veterans of any wars. We had a NAAFI with free sandwiches. cupcakes and a cake donated by a local café.

Our RCAF is currently 75 but I know many Canucks were flying in WW1.  One was our English teacher at the RCASC Apprentice school. Mt Gwynne -Timothy (RIP) who was actually in the same squadron as Billy BIshop.

In Novemeber we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of WW1. I am looking for photos, history etc of the Canadian Forestry Brigade that was serving here in Aberdeenshire  running timber cutting operations, which was essential in both wars. They came primarily from Newfoundland and Quebec. So I ask if anyone has  links etc please fwd to me at

It was also very nice to see that friends of a Veteran RN, RCN,Submarine service etc held a function to raise money for his medical treatment (YES IN CANADA) the Royal Navy Benevolent Fund  donated as well as the Royal British Legion….Dominion Command RCL flat our refused assistance to this Canadian Veteran a member of the RCL over 30 years.. Brave Zulu to all friends and family of Fred Rodgers who went the extra mile, as well as the RN and the RBL.


Here is this months issue of The Sandbag Times:

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Please remember our serving troops their Military Families and off course our Veterans.

Nil Sine Labore


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