Monday the WW2 French Resistance. Thai rescue Continues. Trump Blimp in UK

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With the upcoming 100th Anniversary of WW1. I give you a story of BRAVERY  from WW”. The resistance movements in many occupied countries, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia to mention but a few. They had armies of  civilians, carrying out acts of Sabotage and informing allied HQ of troop moveents. I am sure there were many other duties carried out by these brave men and women.

Many joined the military of the allies if they were fortunate enough to escape. This man is one of the  few that is still alive 74 year after the end of WW2. May they never be forgotten.

The news is full of stories of the boys football team and coach trapped in a cave in Thailand. Volunteers have jumped in to assist the first responders. At this moment in time 4 have been rescued and the operation continues.     An amazing village of rescuers, Volunteers and first responders has grown up near the cavern mouth.

What is ‘the backbone’ of the Canadian Army doing in a junk yard?

How many years does it take to dismantle  vehicles of parts. Whatever Happened to the RCEME School and the Ordinance Field Parks?  Training is an important part of all branches of the military, surely this dismantle operation could have trained many troops ? ? ? ? ?    OR heaven FORBID  some Veterans, who I am sure would have enjoyed the employment. I am sure it would not have taken the military  this long to dismantle these LAVs?

This story reminds me of when the leaders of the Taliban complained to the UN that the ISAF were using Dogs which offends Muslims….. well I feel this K-9 deserves a MEDAL of Honour: Note the Flag behind right ear.


So as the world awaits the rescue of the remaining boys and their Coach. Japan faces landslides and flooding, while here in the UK we await the arrival of the Orangeman.

The costs of his UK protection teams are Astronomical. He will be meeting the Queen on FRIDAY the 13th I certainly hope there is no bad Luck for Her Majesty.

To end today on a good news STORY sent to me by brother apprentice and friend GEORGE GIRLING:

Nil Sine Labore



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