Red Friday….24 sleeps till Santa arrives

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North Korea tests yet another ICBM and still the orange president stirs things up. He tweeted some videos purported to be about Christians being tortured and killed by Islamists. The  videos are not real  YET he uses them to say that Islamisation is a threat to the free world.

Murray Brewster has done a dine job in reporting the joint US/Canada  exercise.: These exercises are held every so often. At least our military will know what to do even if Trudeau does not.

I received a few letters from Veterans, about the government policy of de radicalising home grown Jihadis. Most of the letters cannot understand WHY they have not been charged with treason?

Here in Scotland we have had  snowfall. Roads are closed as they try to clear the snow. Unlike Canada  they do not seem to be readily prepared.

With Christmas coming up very fast. We must thin of our  Military who will not be enjoying Christmas with families or Loved ones.  I share a few photos/cards  of  troops celebrating Christmases.

Please have a thought or a prayer for our Military Personnel

Nil Sine Labore



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