Red Friday…

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On this Red Friday I must admit that I am appalled at the current Government for attempting to change the minds of returning Jihadis.

This is absolutely ludicrous THEY went of their own free will, perhaps on a Canadian Passport. That certainly does not entitle them to return to a country that they deem as evil.

We lost 158 young lives in Afghanistan, plus the many injured both Physically and mentally when they returned. Prime Minister  please get out of La La land of the approximately 60 returnees, apparently none have been charged with TREASON, indeed you have welcomed them and are trying to turn their heads  so that they do not despise Christians or any other religion other than RADICAL Islam.  You welcome them yet disregard Canadians that pay your salary.

As for your fundraiser Stephen Bronfman, the heir to bootleggers fortunes, shame on you again. You are ignoring  equipment issues with trying to purchase outdated Fighters from New Zealand.  Why not resurrect the arrow with a modern updated version and have Bombardier build them in Canada.

Last but not least, your orange friend in the White House is quoted as saying to troops on Thanksgiving day. You know our allies well they turn on you?  “ In Thanksgiving remarks, says can’t know if ally could turn” what a slap in the face to CANADA, the UK, NATO and  ANZacs and others. 

He also is in la la land asking the USAF if their new fighters will be invisible like the fighters in the MOVIES. Life is not a Movie.

So to our American Allies wherever they may be serving  God Bless and Enjoy Thanks giving where ere you may be.

At home please wear Red (Santa Does)  and remember yoyr serving troops, Veterans and their  Loved Ones.

Nil Sine Labore


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