Red Friday

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With the Orange man in the Whitehouse imposing tarrifs on Steel and Lumber. It is not surprising that that the Trudeau Government is arguing about Gas Masks??? Al Veterans  have memories of  their first visit to the dreaded Gas Chambers while in training. It makes my eyes watr just thinking of it:

Once again Murray Brewster has a fine article on the trade tarrifs and what it will do to our Military Procurement sections.  It will be most interesting to see what taunts Trump will dole out on his twitter account with regard to Vladimir Putin and his impenetrable Missiles?

and a Video of Putin:

Meanwhile it was great to receive an e mail from a Veteran in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam  George Girling retired Cook and Apprentice. He met up with another fella from the CORPS Jack Scot in Vietnam. Here is photo of the happy Vets with their Wives. Hope you fellas had a great Catchup.

L/R Katie Scott  George Girling  Jack Scott Hahn Girling

So great to know both of these fellas.

Remember it is Red Friday Please wear something Red to show support for Canadas Military and the Military Families.

Nil Sine Labore


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