RED FRIDAY and a Century on, an Allied sub sunk in March 1917 discovered at last.

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They say the 7 seas always give up their  dead….. 101 years later it is true for 14 Italian Submariners sunk in March of 2017. May they be repatriated to their loved ones and buried with full military order.

Canada’s Submarine element of the RCN Has been around since WW1 when the Premier of British Columbia  purchased 2 from Seattle, and there the RCN Story begins for submariners. A breed of Men (and now women) that were the Bravest of the Brave.

The 2 photos are of RN submarine and RCN Submarine Dolphins.

Please show your SUPPORT for your Military, Your Veterans and their families. Wear Red Today THANK YOU

Nil Sine Labore       Robby


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