Red Friday and a notification to those who may not have heard, re: Col Jim Duncan RIP

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Rest in Peace Col. James Duncan                             RCASC

I first met the then Major Duncan on arrival at 1 Tpt Coy RCASC in Ft Chambly Germany 1963. He was CO of the Company.

As a young private I had very little interaction with the CO. Except for one major event. In 1965 I wished to marry in Scotland but need the CO’s permission/blessing. This I obtained after a personal chat with the Major.

Over the years I heard of him and his actions. NARY a bad word about this Officer and a Gentleman., but the following links have pictures and stories of his involvement with the Korean Veterans of Canada.,%202015%20Turn%20Towrad%20Busan%20Ceremonies%202.pdf

I feel that I may this for all who attended RV16 last August, it was indeed a Proud moment in all of our lives to meet Col Duncan once again and Honoured the he took the Final Salute of RCASC Veterans that Sunday Morning last August. I even speak for Jim Dawson 23 Pl who feels he held the record of Order’s Parades under Major Duncan.

Rest in Peace Soldier your Duty Done, Proud to have known you, even Prouder to have served under your leadership in NATO.

Nil Sine Labore



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