RED FRIDAY and a sigh of relief for US Military

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(RED FRIDAY and the US Military is breathing a long sigh of relief: The current dictator of the USA. Oooopsss typo the sitting President of the USA, has had his parade CANCELLED….

He will not be allowed to copy, Putin, Kim il Jung, Adolf, nor any of the other world despots that have HUGE or should that be YUGE military parades …..whatever the costs of a non productive parade. Is reason at last coming to the fore in the USA?

This update on Canadians serving with yet another UN Task Force in the Sudan, The Operation SOPRANO Task Force: Strength and numbers:

Meanwhile in BC your Canadian Military have been active in fighting and supplying much needed assistance to the International Firefighters battling the FIRES in BC.

On this Red Friday please show your support for our military wherever the may be serving both Canada and the World. From BC to the far flung countries of our world.

Last but not least today I am happy to report that another  brother apprentice Jim “Squirrel” Johnson of 24 Pl RCASC (A) has surfaced again in Canada after working for 27 years in the West Indies, Welcome back my brother.

Nil Sine Labore





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