Red Friday and Padre Dilemma (Dilemna)

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This says it all ! ! !

Padres the Rock of Military Services

During my time in the Military, many of us complained of Compulsory Padre’s Hours. The Catholic fellas used to enjoy a coffee morning while we Protestants simply had talks? A small point, yet over the years I realised how difficult it must be to, be in charge of Spiritual Needs of  many both believers and Non Believers.

Padre’s were always trusted to keep any information divulged about a personal matter, between a soldier and himself/herself.

When in crisis one always went to the Padre, Blessings, Marriages, Christenings and sadly for Funerals. Military Padres of all faiths are a rock of strength and comfort to all men. women serving as well as their families.  Before you read this article please say a prayer or simple THANKYOU to any Padre who has been in your life. I am extremely proud to call a Padre my Friend, a Brother Apprentice, Cook, and Padre. Art Turnbull has certainly been part of many lives and continues to this day in his Senior Retirement days.  I will certainly look forward to his thoughts on this issue.  Thanks Padre.  I n WAR and PEACE they Counsel Wisely

Padre Art Turnbull


Today we wear Red to honour our Military Personnel and their Families and a special Prayer/ Thought for our Padre’s of all Faiths.

So sad for the victims in Spain of terror attacks, carried out by MINDLESS fanatics. My thoughts and prayers are with their family and Loved Ones.

I am also  sad for this mindless Vandalism:

Nil Sine Labore




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