Red Friday and some Good news.

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Members of the Korean Veterans Association have waited for  news like this.

North Korea wants total denuclearisation, says Seoul

This headline to myself is full of PROMISE, as long as the Orangeman does not make yet another foolish Twitter.

South Korea’s president says Pyongyang has not attached any conditions such as US troop withdrawal, this process is strictly between the two Koreas and outside blustering and interference is definitely to be avoided at all costs.

Here is the article from the GUARDIAN newspaper:

This story of a National Service person being sworn in? makes me wonder why they allowed a mockery of their military oath?

The following op-ed from Scott Gilmore at Maclean’s magazine is very thought provoking, read on Veterans, Read on serving members………

So folks have a lovely weekend if you wish to Listen to this old duffer on the radio here are the links.

Always remember your Military Families and the ones they love.

Nil Sine Labore



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