Red Friday and Thoughts……

With the tragic death of PC Keith Palmer, stabbed to death by a moronic follower of isis.

The killer was born in Kent as Adrian  Russell Ajao.  when his ideologies changed, he took many aliases including his current name, Khalid Masood.

This brave police officer started  his working life as a soldier in the Royal Artillery, before becoming a police officer.

This got me thinking of friends I knew in the military who went on to a second career as police officers.

Brother Apprentices, Doug Foley 22Pl (RIP). As well as Tom Macarthur 28 Pl, both served honourably with:

Ontario Provincial Police


Belleville City Police

Bob Cooper 22 Pl  (RIP) served with this police force: Belleville City Police


  I am also very proud to call

John Clarke former gunner with the Royal Artillery also known as (BRUMMIE) who served with this UK police force:

West Midlands Police

It is a well known fact that soldiers who become policemen bring a great knowledge with them, as well as honour and dedication.

Please read this link and have a thought and a prayer for PC Keith Palmer and his family, loved ones and brother officers.

The ongoing police investigation, made 8 arrests over night in Sussex, London, Wales and in the West Midlands. Bravo Zulu to these intrepid investigators.

Please wear something Red Today to honour our military and those who serve as first responders.

Nil Sine Labore



Monday 14 days till Christmas,

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Sad news this morning from a study  conducted by Veterans Affairs Canada: Canadian veterans have ‘significantly’ higher risk of dying by suicide, study says: This is indeed sad news especially at this time of year. So I implore everyone if you know a veteran even a phone call with words of Thank You may save someone. A lot of Vets are feeling neglected by our Government in fact they are paying more attention to bringing ENEMY COMBATANTS Home and attempting to retrain...

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Trump stirring it up in the Middle East again.

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Does this ORANGE Man know no shame. He has stated that he will move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? Is it because there is a WALL there. Yes the Western Wall more commonly known as the WAILING WALL. The place where millions of the Jewish Faith say their prayers annually. Is it because of the WALL Mr Trump? This wall was started in the year 19BC,  yes before Christ was born. You stir things up with North Korea and have our world on the brink of a Nuclear War. Then you add fuel to your personal fire by upsetting  many groups in the...

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Monday and the news goes on

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As is my norm, when I get up release the chickens , allow the dogs n cat out  feed them then I have a coffee and check the CBC news. Well today the lead story is all about the legal rights of homegrown  Jihadis. One set of lawyers deem it all right to remove them from the face of our earth. One set of HIGHLY PAID lawyers deem it is against their Charter of Rights as Canadians.  THE RIGHT TO LIFE. Well as far as this blogger is concerned they GAVE UP THEIR rights as Canadians by fighting against Canada and her allies. These so called Holy...

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Red Friday….24 sleeps till Santa arrives

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  North Korea tests yet another ICBM and still the orange president stirs things up. He tweeted some videos purported to be about Christians being tortured and killed by Islamists. The  videos are not real  YET he uses them to say that Islamisation is a threat to the free world. Murray Brewster has done a dine job in reporting the joint US/Canada  exercise.: These exercises are held every so often. At least our military will know what to do even if Trudeau...

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Red Friday…

Posted by on Nov 24, 2017 in The Invisible Army | 0 comments   On this Red Friday I must admit that I am appalled at the current Government for attempting to change the minds of returning Jihadis. This is absolutely ludicrous THEY went of their own free will, perhaps on a Canadian Passport. That certainly does not entitle them to return to a country that they deem as evil. We lost 158 young lives in Afghanistan, plus the many injured both Physically and mentally...

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Mid Week CHRISTMAS is CLOSING in on us…..

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First this morning I would like to do a quick explanation to a Reader who served 30 years in RCEME. I would like to see a change in the Criminal Code in order that CNADAIANS who WISH to show there love and respect for a family member on REMEMBRANCE DAY. Should be allowed the freedom of Choice as Canadians to wear the medals earned by a deceased family Member. In Canada we thrive on Democracy and freedom and to have an outdated law such as this is. Restrictive at best to tell some one they may wind up in a cell for Remembrance of a Military...

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A half Century of Service to Mankind

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  Good Morning, I would like to take this opportunity  as Remembrance Day arrives to tell you of a Veteran who this past week Celebrated his 1/2 century mark as a Man of the Cloth. Military Padres have a difficult job and I am so PROUD to call Art my Friend. Reverend Art Turnbull  RCASC Association Padre amongst his many positions. In 1956 a young man signed on the proverbial dotted line. Art was an Apprentice Soldier, a Cook by trade. He worked in field units until 1963 when he heard the word or to Quote from his memories in our...

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Remembrance Day Quiz and some more Trivia……

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Our Tribute to War Time Heroes is approaching quickly. I am pleased to add this Quiz all the way from Japan, My friend Marilyn  Schick whose brother is a Veteran of the Canadian Army. DJC Maxwell was RCASC, Clerk Admin for those who may know him. He now resides in TRUMPLAND.   Answers soon. Please do not google try your memory. Who wrote the poem In Flanders Field Where was the poem’s author born (bonus if you know the date) Where did the poem’s author go to school and when did he complete his degree. During the South African War...

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Finally a Good Decision from the Government of Canada

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Canada suspends special forces training and assistance mission in Iraq. I personally feel that this is a good decision for a change: As both sides that Canada  are training are now fighting amongst themselves. Iraqis and Kurds have despised one another for years and years, CANADA  cannot take sides. On this past Sunday I was out with teams of the Scottish Legion to  show the Poppy and to accept donations. I was very overwhelmed at the Generosity of the public....

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Is their NO SHAME in the Royal Canadian Legion ? ? ?

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                                                                                                   Wanted for Impersonating Real Veterans Claus Brodersen of PEI and Former Dominion Command President Tom Eagles These men have never served a day in any uniform of the Canadian Military, RCMP nor our allies. They should be ashamed at this pretence of being a Veteran. Simply wearing tinpot medals purchased from the Legion Shop or having them presented by the Legion does not make them  VETERANS.   Perhaps that is where Kim Jong Un purchases his...

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