Red Friday and Thoughts……

With the tragic death of PC Keith Palmer, stabbed to death by a moronic follower of isis.

The killer was born in Kent as Adrian  Russell Ajao.  when his ideologies changed, he took many aliases including his current name, Khalid Masood.

This brave police officer started  his working life as a soldier in the Royal Artillery, before becoming a police officer.

This got me thinking of friends I knew in the military who went on to a second career as police officers.

Brother Apprentices, Doug Foley 22Pl (RIP). As well as Tom Macarthur 28 Pl, both served honourably with:

Ontario Provincial Police


Belleville City Police

Bob Cooper 22 Pl  (RIP) served with this police force: Belleville City Police


  I am also very proud to call

John Clarke former gunner with the Royal Artillery also known as (BRUMMIE) who served with this UK police force:

West Midlands Police

It is a well known fact that soldiers who become policemen bring a great knowledge with them, as well as honour and dedication.

Please read this link and have a thought and a prayer for PC Keith Palmer and his family, loved ones and brother officers.

The ongoing police investigation, made 8 arrests over night in Sussex, London, Wales and in the West Midlands. Bravo Zulu to these intrepid investigators.

Please wear something Red Today to honour our military and those who serve as first responders.

Nil Sine Labore



Mid week and TRUMP try’s to take Credit with a BLATANT Lie

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How long will the American Public put up with a so called PRESIDENT, who lies openly about World Matters ? ? ? HIs latest outright lie, is again about North Korean Denuclearization. He claims that the US of A has engineered this BLATANT outright Lie.  Please read the following analysis by Matt Kwong     Reporter Matt Kwong is a Washington-based correspondent for CBC News. He previously reported for CBC News as an online journalist in New York and Toronto. You can follow him on Twitter at: @matt_kwong Here is his in depth Analysis of this...

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Monday Morning

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Sad news this Monday Morning, my friend of almost 1/2 a Century has passed onto the advance party.                    Bob Hultquist was both an RCAF veteran, Firefighter Veteran.  He was also a Son, Husband, Father, Grandfather.   HULTQUIST, Robert (Bob) Stephen It is with a heavy heart the family announces the passing of Bob Hultquist at Belleville General Hospital on Tuesday April 17, 2018. Retired firefighter with City of Belleville. He leaves behind his wife and best friend Lynda (Seames), son Bryan (Amy) of Foxboro and son Shane of...

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Red Friday and some Good news.

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Members of the Korean Veterans Association have waited for  news like this. North Korea wants total denuclearisation, says Seoul This headline to myself is full of PROMISE, as long as the Orangeman does not make yet another foolish Twitter. South Korea’s president says Pyongyang has not attached any conditions such as US troop withdrawal, this process is strictly between the two Koreas and outside blustering and interference is definitely to be avoided at all costs. Here is the article from the GUARDIAN newspaper:...

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S Y R I A….WW3….. ARMAGEDDON ? ? Peace in Korea, our World today

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The news is SATURATED with pro and con about the war in Syria? The news and I am sure some it is as TRUMPman says F A K E News. Who knows what to believe? Did they in fact use Chemical weaponry? Did they clear it up  prior to any proposed inspections? As sad as it may seem  the 40 killed in the so called Chemical attacks, was not enough SOLID justification to aim Multi million Dollar Missiles, to destroy suspected sites? The man who I know to be an expert on all things Syrian. Is a brother Apprentice  James G Numbers having spent many years...

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Red FRIDAY the 13th

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As the world waits expectantly on a decision whether to attack Syria or not? ORANGE    PRESIDENT               ALL  THUMBS,  alters his original tweet. Saying that a US attack was imminent? On Thursday he changed that to, ” Never said when an attack would take place. Could be Very Soon or not at all “ (Does that sound like your young Child) Lies and changing stories that he believes ? ? ? ? Putin is adamant that if an attack takes place then he will retaliate on behalf of Syria. On this Friday the 13th I hope and pray that the...

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Mid week Syrian Crisis

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Missiles ‘will be coming’ to Syria, Trump says after Russia warns against U.S. strike. I wonder WHY? a Commander in Chief would give away information to allow enemies to prepare? This goes against what were taught in the Military. Even as far back as WW2 the SLOGAN  ” LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS ”  is as pertinent today as in previous Wars, Conflicts, Police Actions, or indeed on UN Missions. Perhaps there are newer rules of War?  or is just the bluff and Bluster of the ORANGE Man?...

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A Sad Monday, Prayers and Condolences to the Humbolt Broncos….

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Their Families and loved ones. So many lives lost in this Collision. Hearts and minds will be saddened for a long time. May the Lord Bless and keep them safe in HEAVEN. Young men cut down in their PRIME. The ” TABOO ”  against the use of CHEMICAL WEAPONS may be fading, says Britain’s Military Chief. The following Interview with Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, this interview was written up by Murray Brewster this is indeed further food for thought,...

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Mid Week and I am wondering?

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Perhaps you are wondering about the header ? ? ?  well 2 things come to mind. The first is the N E W  VAC Charter that came about on 1 April. This PDF was sent to me by a Brother Apprentice Norm Hieb of Edmonton: Well worth the read. Thanks NORM. The second concerns the USA and North Korea; Is Trump ready for talks with North Korea?       I have my DOUBTS.  both of these men are a danger to the free world. That egomaniac TRUMP is considering that VISA...

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Congratulations RAF on their Centennary…….also Happy Easter one and all’

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            Today is both Easter Sunday and the 100th birthday of the RAF. Here is a little known Story about the BIRTH of the Royal Flying CORPS and yes it is about a fellow Scot>   Sir David Henderson’s proposal for a separate air service covered just seven pages of a memorandum to Prime Minister Lloyd George. I hope everyone is having a great FAMILY Easter Nil Sine Labore Robby    ...

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As we begin the most significant CELEBRATION of EASTER. I am appalled as a Christian. As well as most Veterans are. Whether one fell out to the right or left on Church parade. Or stood at ease in the atheist (non Believer) area. The majority of NATO troops are Christian. It really upsets me here in the UK that all Chocolate products no matter what brand. Do not have the word EASTER  on the boxes. The Governments says this is done so as not to offend believers of ISLAM. Well it is reverse persecution in that I am deeply offended as a...

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