Red Friday and Thoughts……

With the tragic death of PC Keith Palmer, stabbed to death by a moronic follower of isis.

The killer was born in Kent as Adrian  Russell Ajao.  when his ideologies changed, he took many aliases including his current name, Khalid Masood.

This brave police officer started  his working life as a soldier in the Royal Artillery, before becoming a police officer.

This got me thinking of friends I knew in the military who went on to a second career as police officers.

Brother Apprentices, Doug Foley 22Pl (RIP). As well as Tom Macarthur 28 Pl, both served honourably with:

Ontario Provincial Police


Belleville City Police

Bob Cooper 22 Pl  (RIP) served with this police force: Belleville City Police


  I am also very proud to call

John Clarke former gunner with the Royal Artillery also known as (BRUMMIE) who served with this UK police force:

West Midlands Police

It is a well known fact that soldiers who become policemen bring a great knowledge with them, as well as honour and dedication.

Please read this link and have a thought and a prayer for PC Keith Palmer and his family, loved ones and brother officers.

The ongoing police investigation, made 8 arrests over night in Sussex, London, Wales and in the West Midlands. Bravo Zulu to these intrepid investigators.

Please wear something Red Today to honour our military and those who serve as first responders.

Nil Sine Labore



Monday… a Veterans Quiz ?

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Obvious Signs You’ve Served In The Military: scroll through these US signs of military service and see how many you, still do to this day after retirement. I agree with many but certainly not all, It will be interesting to hear from Veterans of all years served? Have you ever wondered what our RCN Ships and crew do while deployed? Our Canadian Army are also serving in Mali wearing the Blue Beret: As a...

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Red Friday end of JULY

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Another month slips away and my mind goes back to end July 1962. The RCASC Soldier Apprentices of 23,24 and 25 Pl. Were practising for their Graduation on 4 August 1962. Boots were spit shone to the highest degree, Uniforms Hung wit the greatest of Care. Packing up memories of the past 2 years. What adventures lay ahead as we were posted to various units across Canada Yes indeed it was a wonderful final weekend in July of that year. Now some 56 years later we are even fewer, with many having moved on over the years to the Advance Party. R I P...

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Mid Week and M U T T S

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I use the term MUTTS  as a title of Love and Respect for all K-9s. Dogs give us so much. This article is particular to sufferers of PTSD. Dogs create an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity , for those suffering from this dreaded affliction. Both DND and Canada’s Veterans Affairs should be investing funds in training and placing dogs where necessary, at NO COST to the person  needing a companion. Therapy and assistance dogs can be MUTTS no BLOODLINES required, making their cost of purchase minimal. The same should also go for anyone...

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G O O D M O R N I N G V I E T N A M ……RIP Adrian Cronauer

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I feel quite safe in saying that the majority of Veterans watched the film ” Good Morning Vietnam “, The late Robin Williams played the lead role. That of   a United States Air Force sergeant and radio personality whose experiences as an innovative disc jockey on American Forces Network during the Vietnam War inspired the 1987 film Good Morning, Vietnam. R I P Sgt Adrian Cronauer USAF:  For those who live in North America a wee bit of TRIVIA:  Adrian Cronauer was replaced in Vietnam by a Young Pat Sajak of ” Wheel of Fortune...

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Red Friday Mid July

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Even K-9s are wearing Red. Why not Y O U ? The Veterans assistance dogs do their bit with assisting Veterans with PTSD and other traumas. Man’s best friend is certainly true. In honour of the Red Friday Dogs, I give you this one hour Radio Tribute to fallen dogs both in peace and war. Please enjoy this hour programme with your Coffee and your feet up. Meanwhile back in Ottawa this Op-Ed is quite enlightening: For all ...

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Mid week Meanderings

Posted by on Jul 18, 2018 in The Invisible Army | 0 comments This story from last year, Now an update from an AMERICAN Army General ( I wonder what the Orange man in Washington thinks of this) Meanwhile the SUPREME COMMANDER of the US military waffles and Flip Flops on his press conference in Helsinki? This man child...

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Monday morning Comments

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What has the head Shed decided with regard to Marijuana use within the military community?  For the day it becomes legal in Canada is fast approaching. I am sure that General Vance and his Surgeon General are checking all aspects of the use of this weed in the military. I do hope that they consider the question that I have? What will happen to a soldier serving in the USA or some other country where Marijuana is  still illegal. Will they go to a foreign jail, will they be blacklisted from serving in that country. I do not envy the military in...

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Red Friday … RIP Saman-Kunan

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This Thai Seal Saman-Kunan  paid the ultimate price of any military man. May he Rest in PEACE. BRAVO ZULU to all Volunteers Internationally. While the BOARS recover in hospital they have at last been reunited with families. This was an incredible show of the international  community coming together to save the team and the coach. Meanwhile  as the NATO meeting breaks up CANADA has again been tasked...

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Mid week Meanderings.

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With  this being the Centennary of the RAF. I found it most surprising that some very important people have been left out of the Celebrations. These were the few women who FLEW the aircraft from the factory to the first line airbases. These women contributed greatly to the war Effort; Todays question to the Canadian Government is this:  WHY has Canada 130 Generals for a standing ARMY of 79000 with a reserve of 32500 for a grand total...

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Red Friday today

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As our military settles into Mali, far from Home and Loved ones: Mali is considered the most dangerous UN mission in the world, with 170 peacekeepers killed since 2013. Meanwhile the  current Government of Looney Liberals is  planning on giving more to MALI. Funny how there is never an extra dollar for Veterans, OAP’S nor TAX PAYING CANADIANS....

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