Red Friday and Thoughts……

With the tragic death of PC Keith Palmer, stabbed to death by a moronic follower of isis.

The killer was born in Kent as Adrian  Russell Ajao.  when his ideologies changed, he took many aliases including his current name, Khalid Masood.

This brave police officer started  his working life as a soldier in the Royal Artillery, before becoming a police officer.

This got me thinking of friends I knew in the military who went on to a second career as police officers.

Brother Apprentices, Doug Foley 22Pl (RIP). As well as Tom Macarthur 28 Pl, both served honourably with:

Ontario Provincial Police


Belleville City Police

Bob Cooper 22 Pl  (RIP) served with this police force: Belleville City Police


  I am also very proud to call

John Clarke former gunner with the Royal Artillery also known as (BRUMMIE) who served with this UK police force:

West Midlands Police

It is a well known fact that soldiers who become policemen bring a great knowledge with them, as well as honour and dedication.

Please read this link and have a thought and a prayer for PC Keith Palmer and his family, loved ones and brother officers.

The ongoing police investigation, made 8 arrests over night in Sussex, London, Wales and in the West Midlands. Bravo Zulu to these intrepid investigators.

Please wear something Red Today to honour our military and those who serve as first responders.

Nil Sine Labore



Good News…..not so good News. This Mid week

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Good Day  the good news is that the Orange Man of Washington has met with his fellow (Dictator) ruler Kim il Jun in Singapore. With hope and lots of prayers we will see if this meeting succeeds where many others have failed. FINGERS CROSSED. The other no so good news is about buried caches of ” AGENT ORANGE ”  that had been surreptitiously buried in parts of CFB Gagetown training area.  This certainly was the norm back in the day, BURY any unwanted articles  new or used. I can remember burying Ration Packs, what a waste.When they...

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Monday Morning BLURB

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As Canada contemplates allowing non Canadian Citizens into the military. Our UK alliesare targeting frustrated youth in an ad campaign. As for Canada I personally see no problem with enlisting non Canadian Citizens. I was a non Canadian as were many of my Peers,  Limey Williams, George Davies, Rolf Kahle, Scotty Moore spring to mind. There were thousands of Non Canadian Citizens in the Canadian Military....

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Red FRIDAY ….Remember Everyone Deployed

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    Well as Ontario Turns BLUE once more, I seriously wonder what the Federal Liberals will do with regard to Housing Homeless Vets. Veteran Affairs Minister Seamus O’Regan ( TV breakfast show host )during an interview in his office on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in 2017. Documents obtained by The Canadian Press show the federal government wants to pay for the construction of affordable housing units as part of the latest push to house the country’s homeless veterans. Ibelieve the  KEY WORDS are   “Liberals LOOK ” Looking...

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Posted by on Jun 4, 2018 in The Invisible Army | 1 comment           Before and After 74 Years apart, this home survived the D Day Landings  on JUNO Beach 6   June 1944,    Today 6 June 2018 it represents CANADA as  a home and small museum to the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada.       74 Years ago President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave up this PRAYER for the US and allied forces, who were in the midst of D Day. “For these men are lately drawn from the ways of peace. They fight not for the lust of conquest. They fight to end conquest. They fight...

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Red Friday …..0ne week till D Day 74th Anniversary.

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74 Years ago this weekend, Canadians and their allies were, gearing up and practicing, their military skills.  Men and women from small town, farm and big cities were preparing to be part of the Largest Ever Seaborne Invasion. 6 June 1944, a day that many remember. I have been prud in my life to have visited the Juno Beach Landing area in 1964, 1994 and in deed in 2014. I shall endeavour to pay my respects once more in 2019 the 75th Anniversary of D Day. Many  Canadians and allies  were never to return to their homeland. We shall Remember...

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Midweek Thoughts….an open Note to PM Trudeau and cabinet…

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Mr Prime Minister ( and I use that term loosely ) The following news article from Belgium  should underscore, the ridiculous REHABIBILITATION of home grown Jihadis. This cruel, Jihadi had been authorised Day Leave from Prison, in order to allow himself to be reintegrated to society. This despite the fact that those in the Prison Service considered this man to be a danger and Violent. Sadly this assessment was ignored, and two female...

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Monday ( Victoria Day weekend in UK)

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Truer Words never spoken   Than the ones used in this Photo of DogTags. Canada and many of her allies have left, many men and women who have paid the ultimate price. The Korean peace parlay between the Orange Man and Kim il-jung may soon hold the talks that were  cancelled abruptly with the US. Fingers crossed that they are held and indeed Successful. The leaders of both North and South Korea have met recently. It certainly has been a lovely HOT weekend here...

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Monday’s Good News stories

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   Canada’s Navy at work:×787.jpg A Hearty  BRAVO    ZULU  to the Captain and crew of HMCS  Queen Charlotte, on rescue work at sea. Now a feel good story about the son of a refugee of the war in Vietnam: Last but by no means least, check out the CF You Tube videos. RCASC  Remember Canadians As Serving...

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Red FRIDAY….TRUMP is at it again (like a spoiled Child).. RCL Info

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      Well once again PEACE is threatened in Korea? TRUMP in his usual CHILDISH Manner has spoken out that Kim may wind up treated like Gadhafi. Threats like this will certainly lead to Tit for TAT rhetoric between the 2 leaders. No deal like the so called Libya deal of a few years ago? Trump’s warning to Kim Jong-un: make a deal or suffer same fate as Gaddafi...

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MId Week and Good News for KOREA…..Bad News for Korea

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As the saying goes  first the good news. A Canadian General has been appointed Deputy Commander of the UN Group in Korea. The bad news is Kim is upsetting the applecart? Talks between North and South have been suspended. Last but by no means least today… a story that many Veterans who joined the police services or prison services. What a further waste of Tax Dollars. Hey what better give cons more weapons?...

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