Red Friday and Thoughts……

With the tragic death of PC Keith Palmer, stabbed to death by a moronic follower of isis.

The killer was born in Kent as Adrian  Russell Ajao.  when his ideologies changed, he took many aliases including his current name, Khalid Masood.

This brave police officer started  his working life as a soldier in the Royal Artillery, before becoming a police officer.

This got me thinking of friends I knew in the military who went on to a second career as police officers.

Brother Apprentices, Doug Foley 22Pl (RIP). As well as Tom Macarthur 28 Pl, both served honourably with:

Ontario Provincial Police


Belleville City Police

Bob Cooper 22 Pl  (RIP) served with this police force: Belleville City Police


  I am also very proud to call

John Clarke former gunner with the Royal Artillery also known as (BRUMMIE) who served with this UK police force:

West Midlands Police

It is a well known fact that soldiers who become policemen bring a great knowledge with them, as well as honour and dedication.

Please read this link and have a thought and a prayer for PC Keith Palmer and his family, loved ones and brother officers.

The ongoing police investigation, made 8 arrests over night in Sussex, London, Wales and in the West Midlands. Bravo Zulu to these intrepid investigators.

Please wear something Red Today to honour our military and those who serve as first responders.

Nil Sine Labore




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        Another Red Friday and another FREEBIE Holiday for the Trudeau Family. He has embarrassed himself yet again BUT more importantly he has EMBARASSED  Canadians. The wearing of Bollywood Dress in INDIA and at the Tajmahal has gotten him SCORN and ridicule from the citizens of India, and media sources around the world. This PHOTO on facebook says it all: Plus the fact he would seem to spend more time with  men who were charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER  than Veterans, who have served CANADA with honour....

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Mid Week Thoughts?

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Does our current leader feel that wearing Indian National Dress  in India is correct, or was he playing Mr Dress UP? I am hesitant at this news? Why oh Why would the Orange Man, even think about prodding N Korea with an attack    ( AKA The Bloody Nose Theory ). Has this man no peaceful intentions in his heart? Even his Generals are against this, as must his S Korean Allies. The Olympics are raising the possibility of re unification?...

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1/2 Century plus 6 ….. CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS October 1962…

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  Nala Ayed of the CBC gives a thought out opinion on the possibility of a Nuclear war? With TRUMP  angering most of our Globe and especially with the chunky Rocket man of North Korea, we are closer than ever to a Nuclear war. By an error? WHY  ???? is the Canadian Government angry with Israel with regard to their Refugee problem.  WHY ???? would Canada entertain the idea of bring in a huge number of Eritrean Refugees from Israel. When he has no Money for Veterans. Serving Military...

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Life aboard a Submarine and a Conspiracy Theory? ?

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Canadian Veterans Camping Out In Ottawa For Better Treatment After Trudeau’s “More Than We Can Give” Comment A protest will be held Thursday on Parliament Hill. GOOD LUCK TO ALL VETERAN’S who are able to attend. Millions of Veterans across the world will be wishing you all the best. This is a wonderful lens eye view of life on board Canada’s Submarine in the  waters off Korea....

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Monday Blurb

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Well the old adage about buying an old car does not seem to be appropriate for the purchased of Used Fighters from the other side of the world. The well used Aussie F-16s has been pushed back till 2019 at the earliest? Murray Brewster has an excellent column on this issue. Meanwhile the Phillipines have cancelled their order for Canadian built attack Helicopters? I do realise that I am getting older and there are...

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Red Friday from Bonnie Scotland

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Both the Orange man and boy Prime Minister Trudeau have Scots roots. Trump a wee bit closer as his Mother was a true Scot where as Justin owes his Scots Heritage  to Grandfather James Sinclair (on his Mother’s side) John Sinclair immigrated to Canada in 1911. He was Born in Banff which is just a wee bit North of my location. 45 Miles or so. He too was a Liberal politician Minister of Fisheries 1952-1957, served in WW” as an RCAF officer in Malta, Sicily,and North Africa. With a pedigree like that it is a wonder that Trump and...

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Red Friday day after Ground Hog Day 2018

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Greetings everyone. Well hopefully my computer problems are over for a while. The worst thing that happened yesterday was that it took me over 30 minutes to thread a needle?  My housewife (Army Issue 1960 is still with me) Never the less I am back and  sadly once again I am po’d at the Liberal Government. To change our National Anthem to satisfy but a few is a tragedy. I wonder if I can start a class action suit amongst Veterans who obtained Canadian Citizenship by Choice and Swore our oath to Queen Country and the national Anthem? It...

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Midweek Words

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TO some this may be old news but it is very pertinent today with the care of Veterans. Rex Murphy a fine Canadian Wordsmith said it all in this CBC News video….Well Done  REX. I also read this editoria on Al Jazeera an opinion on the Silences of TRUDEAU? There seems to a lack of political will in our Boy PM. If you have interest in the RCAF here is a good...

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Monday Monday

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First and Foremost a HEARTY welcome home to the Patricias of Edmonton: Also to the sailors of HMCS Charlottetown  enjoy your reunion with your families and Loved ones. Bravo Zulu one and all. To the Royals replacing the PPCLI  best of luck and return safely. To the crew of HMCS St. John’s left earlier this week to replace Charlottetown. Return safely. May you have calm seas and fair winds. I recently...

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Mid week meandering 17 Jan 2018

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Greetings all, today I give you the link for the latest CPVA magazine for all you former and perhaps current Peacekeepers. I would also like to  make mention of Last weeks false alarm in Hawaii, simply because there was also a false alarm in Japan. Japanese broadcaster NHK mistakenly issued alarm about a North Korean rocket The TV network later claimed that it had corrected the error within minutes Blunder comes amid heightened tensions between Tokyo and Pyongyang On Saturday, a mistaken alert caused more than a million people in Hawaii to...

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