Red Friday ….Attention…..Orders Parade ! ! !

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On this Spring time Red Friday, please  show support for your Canadian Military and their Families.

Who as Veterans never heard these dreaded words….


Well the Canadian Government is going to change some of the rules in the National Defence Act.  Is this the demise of the dreaded Section 118 Which seemed to cover all eventualities including, unauthorised walking on the square….Shades of R E Smith  aka The Hat.  aaahhhh sweet memories.

Well once again I give you the most respected journalist within the minds of Canadian Veterans and serving Military Murray Brewster:

Meanwhile former PM Stephen Harper adds his support the decision of the Orange Man, to cease Negotiation with Iran?

There are certainly a few sides to that story, and sadly only History will tell us which side was correct.

On this fine May weekend, enjoy your families and enjoy your time together as it is precious. All the while remembering  that many of our Military Families are once again separated in Defence of others.

Nil Sine Labore


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