Red Friday AUGUST 14

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Sad breaking news from FREDERICTON of shooting in a Residential area 2 Police officers and two others confirmed Dead on First reports……WHAT is Happening to Canada the Peaceful??

With the big story of Saudi Arabia and Canada hsving a MAJOR dispute brought on by a TWEET?  Tweets from Politicians should be banned whle they are in the public eye. Just look at that Tweeting Fool TRUMP> Never the less I do agree that Saudi is lacking in the welfare of  people, with ABSURD OLD RELIIOUS Laws in this day and age. Whippings, beheadings, torture Jail terms with no end in sight? Are but a few. When I lived in Saudia until I was DEPORTED the only good things were  my salary and the weather. Now our alles  primarily the USA (under TWEETY TRUMP) and the UK under Teresa May are very low key in coming to STAND By Canada, even a former High Commissioner to Canada  finds this reprehensible.     The UK may be trying quietly via diplomatic Channels to ease Canada’s problem. YET none of our allies will condemn Saudi for their non existant Human Rights.

On that note I close this shorter than usual Blog:

Please show support for our Troops and Veterans. Please say a prayer or have a thought for the Police and others who have died in Fredericton earlier today, and let us hope no more deaths  in this appalling inident

Nil Sine Labore



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