RED FRIDAY . . . . . . . Canada Day 151 on Sunday

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 HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA may your next 151 years be extraordinary. On this special day we must give  athought or a prayer to the many soldiers  serving around the world. Away from family and loved ones. With a special thought for Mali UN peacekeepers.

I do not wish to ruin a great Canada Day weekend , BUT this story about the female contingent to Mali is my own personal thoughts. The UN and the Liberal Government should be looking at placing females in a safer environment than MALI There are a few UN operations that would welcome female soldiers of all trades. I do not wish to sound Sexist, but a country like Mali will go to extraordinary lengths to capture or kill a female soldier.. I would be extremely proud of our female peacekeepers if they at least were not in this environment.

The following headlines are all about the ORANGE Man in charge down south, he worries NATO, His top man has contradicted him with regard to Kim il Jung being a GREAT GUY.

With Trump on his pedestal  vs  NATO it is nice to see our allies the FRENCH  are reinstating the National Service.         Vive Le France

So blog readers I hope these news articles did not ruin your weekend. Whether it be a Family BBQ, events at the Hill, or in your hometown E N J O Y  your weekend.

I will be at Crathies Castle for the Antiques Road Show. Wish me luck.

On that NOTE ENJOY CANADA DAY with those you LOVE.


Nil Sine Labore


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