Red Friday day after Ground Hog Day 2018

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Red Fridays in 2018 let’s see more RED for our Brave Troops 

Greetings everyone.

Well hopefully my computer problems are over for a while. The worst thing that happened yesterday was that it took me over 30 minutes to thread a needle?  My housewife (Army Issue 1960 is still with me)

Never the less I am back and  sadly once again I am po’d at the Liberal Government. To change our National Anthem to satisfy but a few is a tragedy. I wonder if I can start a class action suit amongst Veterans who obtained Canadian Citizenship by Choice and Swore our oath to Queen Country and the national Anthem?

It seems that  the orange man wasted  30 million on a missile defense exercise and it Failed. Hhhhmmmm I wonder how many Vets could be housed and looked after with that 30 Mil?

Meanwhile in Ottawa  our wounded Veterans have been assigned to the Supreme Court, this should have been resolved by now? Are the Liberals For the life of me I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY ! ! !  this fool was allowed to sell 20,000 Flame throwers. I guess we will wait now for the news of a Flame Thrower attack, Damn were automatic weapon supplies a lesson to the US Government?

Obviously the orange president  must approve for his Red Neck pals.

On a lighter note, this article with Colourized Photos of WW2 is rather good  Historically.

Until next Blog stay safe take care and look after our Veterans their families and all of our Serving Soldiers be they Land Sea or air.

Nil Sine Labore







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