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Another month slips away and my mind goes back to end July 1962. The RCASC Soldier Apprentices of 23,24 and 25 Pl. Were practising for their Graduation on 4 August 1962. Boots were spit shone to the highest degree, Uniforms Hung wit the greatest of Care. Packing up memories of the past 2 years. What adventures lay ahead as we were posted to various units across Canada Yes indeed it was a wonderful final weekend in July of that year. Now some 56 years later we are even fewer, with many having moved on over the years to the Advance Party. R I P my brothers.

As well as to all  Apprentices regardless of CORPS. Boy Soldiers have been around for centuries in one form or another. This ARTICLE from The Independent a couple of years ago. Is against Boy Soldiers serving in the military?

More than one in 10 new Army recruits are boy soldiers of just 16 years old, according to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Defence. And more than one in four of all new Army recruits are under 18 – too young to be sent into combat.
The figures, released last week, have sparked renewed criticism of the British Army’s use of boy soldiers. Following an outcry over the deployment of 17-year-olds to the Gulf War in 1991, and to Kosovo in 1999, the Army amended its rules stopping soldiers under 18 from being sent on operations where there was a possibility of fighting. Despite this, at least 20 soldiers aged 17 are known to have served in Afghanistan and Iraq due to errors by the MoD.

Critics claim the figures mean Britain stands alongside some of the world’s most repressive regimes by recruiting children into the armed forces – among under 20 countries, including North Korea and Iran, that allow 16-year-olds to join up. They accused the MoD of deliberately targeting teenagers not old enough to vote in a bid to boost recruitment.

This being the Centenary of  the end of WW1 I would like to give you a few stories on Boy Soldiers.        The final link is of interest to all Canadian Veterans it mentions the demise of Canadian Boy Soldiers (Apprentices) initiated by none other than the creator of Hellyer Corporals.

Reporting on an exchange during a parliamentary question period 26 November 1965, the Canadian Press issued a news release on Canadian pre-teen soldiers; that is, they were not yet teenagers. The Minister of Defence of the day, Paul Hellyer, explained the case.

If this story is collaborated then The UNITED NATIONS has need to be further ashamed. Some of these Sri Lankan War Criminals may be serving by Canadians who take great pride in Peacekeeping.

I have yet to see the following story in  the Canadian Media… Where are our Helicopters stationed?

Ending today with a good news story. This from CFB Esquimalt.

Please show your support for our Military, their Families and our Veterans. Please wear RED today

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