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Charlene McInnes operated the MFRC in Charlottetown and had many Red Friday Rallies. BRAVO ZULU Charlene & Volunteers

As the Canadian Army set up camps for refugees escaping from TRUMP Land the tit for tat between 2 Egotistical Leaders continues? Wit Trump threatening to give Fire and Fury  raining down on N Korea whil Kim IlJong warns of attacking Guam. The Island of Guam is extremely small an area o212 Square Miles.  It houses the USAF South Pacific Bomber Command, at Andersen Airfield.

I have visited Guam on a few occasions while flying with 437(T) Sqn back in the days of the 707. Guamians have US Citizenship at birth but are not allowed to Vote on Presidential elections. ( Trump must wonder why)?

I certainly hope and pray that both of these so called leaders, are just Bluffing and Posturing.

The ongoing personal saga of Dual Nationality means that unless I google for a one time pass to enter Canada, I will be allowed to Visit home. Then I must renew my passport at my age, when I have a perfectly Valid Euro/UK passport.

Cuba has hit he news again, but this time not for the Tourism that many Canucks enjoy during the dreay winter months of Snow and declining temperatures.

The US and now Canada has said that some of their Diplomats are suffering from deafness. This is thought to have been due to the Cuban Security  using SONIC sound gear to avoid people listening in to Secret Conversations. 033

I would be willing to bet that the Diplomats affected will receive a far larger payout than Veterans who suffered Hearing Loss over their years of service.

So my dear readers you have only a week remaining to order your FLAG of  Remembrance for 2017.

Let us make this the largest amount of Flags ever in honour of Canada’s 150th Anniversary as a nation. Contact:   

The Locations this year are:  Antigonish NS, Beausejour MB,  Charlottetown PEI, Edson  AB, Kingston, ON, Lilooet, BC, Moosejaw, SK, OttawaON, Ponoka AB, Richmond BC, Riverview, NB, Sydney, NS, Sylvan Lake, AB, Vernon, BC, Whitecourt AB, Windsor ON. a great number of spots available please think of ordering a Flag to Honour Canadians, of our Military, RCMP, all Police and Fire Services, past or present.

As I prepare to bid farewell to my Daughter and 2 Grandchildren who have been enjoying Scotland I bid one and all, Health Happiness and Peace in your lives. Please show your Support today by wearing RED to be as visible as possible.

Nil Sine Labore







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