RED Friday …Newfoundland Women keep up the tradition.

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Well folks another Red Friday is here. Happily there are no actions in Korea other than the Bluff and Bluster of 2 egomaniacal Leaders.

The Senators had a meeting with trump: MISCALCULATIONS  CAN BE DANGEROUS seems to be the concensus.

The Russkis have lost a spy ship aka reconnaissance vessel in the Bosphorous:

The fine Ladies of Western Newfoundland have resurrected the WW1 tradition of knitting socks for soldiers in the lines: BRAVO ZULU to the members of the Patriotic Association of Newfoundland founded over 100 years ago to knit thousands of socks for the men of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. See this Link for the Archival story of these Patriotic Ladies;

I wonder if any of the Current Ladies, may recognise a Grandmother or Great Grandmother.

Still on Canada’s East Coast I welcome back the BLOGMEISTER OF PEI….Frederick Rodgers  aka The IRISH ROVER a proud Canadian Veteran of both the RCN Submarine service and the RCN. Stay well my friend. This latest Blog continues the fight against a ridiculous law, that is backed by the Royal Canadian Legion.

Have a great weekend and please share a coffee or a chat with a Veteran

Nil Sine Labore




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