RED FRIDAY….please show your SUPPORT

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This says it all ! ! !


It is with great sadness that report the death of RCASC Soldier Apprentice Robert Porteous  9 Pl. Sadly the only photo I could locate  is the Platoon Photo of 61 years ago. Bob passed away in Lippstadt Germany. I looked on his facebook site but all photos are gone. Rest in Peace Old Soldier your Duty Done.



As the donald departs the USA today on his first foreign journey as President, I could not help but laugh at a headline I read.


What Charisma I wondered?  the man in my opinion has absolutely no CHARISMA.

charisma (kəˈrɪzmə ) or charism (ˈkærɪzəm )



a specialpersonal quality or power of an individual making him or her capable of influencing or inspiring large numbers of people


a quality inherent in a thing which inspires greatenthusiasm and devotion

Keeping things a wee bit on the light side, I saw this account of that fine Canadian Word…….. E H.

I used to love watching Bob and Doug “The Hosers”  now I know they did not create this  famous word.

If you are looking for a great read, love the navy or the military then I heartedly reccommend. THE ROYAL NAVY AND ME 

written by a true veteran and I am proud to say a FRIEND  Frederick Rodgers:

Have a great week end and please don’t forget our Military Families who sacrifice a lot for Canada.

Nil Sine Labore




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