Red Friday … RIP Saman-Kunan

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This Thai Seal Saman-Kunan  paid the ultimate price of any military man. May he Rest in PEACE. BRAVO ZULU to all Volunteers Internationally.

While the BOARS recover in hospital they have at last been reunited with families. This was an incredible show of the international  community coming together to save the team and the coach.

Meanwhile  as the NATO meeting breaks up CANADA has again been tasked with a NATO Job.

Canada to command NATO training mission in Iraq:

It is strange how the Boy PM has no problem committing Troops to dangerous area of this Globe, yet cannot find funds to support injured Veterans.

Here are linking NATO stories including the orange President saying that NATO countries are going to increase their spending?

Last but by no means least a RCEME mechanic Killed in 2014 , report says that accident could have been prevented. This certainly does not come close to the loss that the parents feel.

A soldier’s unnecessary death:

On that note the  single good news story is the Rescue of the Wild Boars Soccer team in Thailand.

Always wear Red on a Friday and PLEASE show support for our Military, their Families and our VETERANS.

Please listen to this weekend’s show on VOLUNTEERS:

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