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Another Red Friday and another FREEBIE Holiday for the Trudeau Family. He has embarrassed himself yet again BUT more importantly he has EMBARASSED  Canadians. The wearing of Bollywood Dress in INDIA and at the

Tajmahal has gotten him SCORN and ridicule from the citizens of India, and media sources around the world.

This PHOTO on facebook says it all:

Has he No Shame nor Common Sense?

Plus the fact he would seem to spend more time with  men who were charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER  than Veterans, who have served CANADA with honour.

An interesting article today about Peacekeeping Operations. Canada’s role in Blue Berets, was exceptional, THe Congo, Egypt, Beirut, Syria to mention but a few. Now Canada wants to increase Female presence in UN Ops.

Canada is looking at ways to help other countries boost the number of female peacekeepers, despite having only a handful of Canadian women in blue helmets and berets.

With the Olympics in Korea this article shows what North Koreans think or know about Canada; Mild weather hmmm?

That’s it for today folks, please show support to our military and to our Veterans and to the Military Families who support their spouses.

Nil Sine Labore








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