Red FRIDAY the 13th

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As the world waits expectantly on a decision whether to attack Syria or not? ORANGE    PRESIDENT               ALL  THUMBS,  alters his original tweet. Saying that a US attack was imminent? On Thursday he changed that to, ” Never said when an attack would take place. Could be Very Soon or not at all “

(Does that sound like your young Child) Lies and changing stories that he believes ? ? ? ?

Putin is adamant that if an attack takes place then he will retaliate on behalf of Syria. On this Friday the 13th I hope and pray that the orange man does not attack Syria.

Yes I know that chemical attacks are abhorrent. but to release the destruction of missiles many hundreds perhaps thousands will die. It is sad that 40 people died from the Chemical attacks and up to 500 were ill. BUT does that equate to the possible destruction of other civilians who are not involved.

Perhaps it is time to eliminate  Bashir and his cronies in Syria by Stealth. Remove the root cause of this  situation:

Our  Minister of Defence said that  a couple of Helicopters and crews have been assisting the FRENCH in MALI. This is certainly news prior to the Imminent departure on a UN Mission to MALI  or Maybe Not?

Please be kind to our Veterans who are being let down on a Daily basis by the Morning TV Presenter :

Seamus O’Regan  the wrong man in this position I wonder if he can even Spell  V E T E R A N .

Have a great week end and please have a thought or a prayer for our Military Families.

Nil Sine Labore



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