Red Friday the beginning of September

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With the 100the anniversary of 11 Nov fast approaching. I would like to share this fact that I received from a brother apprentice Anna Coleman Ladd  is mentioned and exhibited in the Smithsonian Museum. A young American Sculptor living in Paris during WW1. She created lifelike masks for those so terribly disfigured in this War to end all Wars. A fascinating Lady  with an Fascinating Story.         A Brave dedicated Lady for Veterans :

It is so heart warming to see these stories coming out a Century later. Keep em coming folks.

Meanwhile the orange man must be dreading the coming of Fall/Winter 2018 will it go down in History as the year he was IMPEACHED?‘winter-is-coming’-allies-fear-trump-isn’t-prepared-for-gathering-legal-storm/ar-BBMDSBU?ocid=spartanntp

Only Time will tell.

Our RCN Sailors have been on operation Reassurance of the North African Coast.

It seems even the appointed Judges of Canada’s Supreme Court are  not geared towards Veterans?

In case you have not seen this Op-Ed by Murray Brewster it makes great reading:

New NATO commander confident war criminals, militia will be screened out of Iraq training program

Meanwhile our TV Presenter …ooooppppssss Minister of Veteran’s Affairs   Seamus O’Regan is checking up on the PTSD Treatment payments to a convicted non Veteran, COP KILLER. Why Corrections Canada with their dozens of Shrinks cannot pay for this I will never understand?

On That note  please wear something Red Today and give a thought or a prayer to our Military, their families and off Course our Veterans of all conflicts. A new show starts today on River Dee Radio from our Legion:

Nil Sine Labore







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