Red Friday today

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As our military settles into Mali, far from Home and Loved ones:

Mali is considered the most dangerous UN mission in the world, with 170 peacekeepers killed since 2013.

Meanwhile the  current Government of Looney Liberals is  planning on giving more to MALI. Funny how there is never an extra dollar for Veterans, OAP’S nor TAX PAYING CANADIANS.

Sad news from the far east where Rescuers are continuing their work to rescue a boys football team and their coach: A Navy Seal of Thailand had  died.

Samarn Poonan, a former member of Thailand’s elite Navy Seal unit who was part of the rescue team in Chiang  Rai,  Deepest condolences to  the family and loved ones of this heroic First Responder.  May this huge rescue operation end well with everyone rescued.

Have a lovely weekend, please give a thought and a prayer to the Canadian Military, our Veterans and a special prayer for the trapped boys of Thailand.

Nil Sine Labore


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