Red Friday….

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             Red Friday

                                      Red Friday

HACKED ! ! !

It was inevitable that Canada would be hacked, as have many other Western Countries.

Unlike the current TV Programs tracing hackers within a 30 minute media window. In real life sometimes the perpetrators are never uncovered. This time it was our DND Recruiting website which was hacked. Here is the CBC report.

Meanwhile one of the biggest days in football (Soccer) here in the UK, was played on Red Friday Nov 11th. Both teams England V Scotland, wore a red Poppy on an armband. The rulers of football has now laid charges against these teams wearing a Poppy. FIFA is riddled with graft and deception and shouls pay more attention to their internal problems.


England & Scotland poppy decision leads to Fifa disciplinary action – BBC Sport


On a happier note I was ;listening to a programme on Radio Scotland which was produced by the Imperial War Museum. Over the year the IWM has interviewed sutvivors of WW1, WW2 and onwards.

The subject I listened too was Brothels and the Ladies of the night. Sometimes in history lables as Camp Followers, following the troops from Roman Days.

The USA apparently in both WW1 and 2. Barred their soldiers from enetering these premises?

Where as Britain allowed their troops to avail them selves of services available. In fact they had 2 types of Brothels. Identied by either a Blue light or the traditional Red light. Once again this was very British because the Blue light cat houses for were for Officers Only while the traditional Red Lights were for other ranks.

I enjoyed this programme, far different memories than the horrors of the trenches. It most certainly would have put a smile on soldiers faces.

and you can listen at:

On this Red Friday once again I ask you one and all to Always Remember our soldiers and their families.

Nil Sine Labore


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