S Y R I A….WW3….. ARMAGEDDON ? ? Peace in Korea, our World today

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The news is SATURATED with pro and con about the war in Syria? The news and I am sure some it is as TRUMPman says F A K E News.

Who knows what to believe? Did they in fact use Chemical weaponry? Did they clear it up  prior to any proposed inspections?

As sad as it may seem  the 40 killed in the so called Chemical attacks, was not enough SOLID justification to aim Multi million Dollar Missiles, to destroy suspected sites?

The man who I know to be an expert on all things Syrian. Is a brother Apprentice  James G Numbers having spent many years in Damascus with his family as a Canadian Military Observer, he sent me this article which sums it up: Thanks Glenn,


You know my feelings about Syria and I am no fan of Scott Taylor but I saw his article on the net today and it really gets one wondering.

The site I go to daily is

https://www.cfc.forces.gc.ca/254-eng.html which is from the Canadian Forces College and is
SOMNIA – Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs
It provides links to articles re the military and international stories. One stop shopping.
Scott Taylor’s article is at


The article is clear for ex military types and common sense enough that most civilians and politicians should understand it. Just food for thought.

It certainly is Food for thought Amigo

Meanwhile this video has surfaced.   http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/syria-douma-chemical-weapons-attack-inspectors-opcw-1.4622881

This could be the beginning of the END of the Korean War (Police Action)

Seoul to seek deal on formally ending war with N. Korea


Let us hope and pray that this is the end and That Koreans who have been separated 60 plus years may be reunited.

CIA director Mike Pompeo secretly travelled to Pyongyang to meet Kim Jong-un over Easter as Trump confirms ‘extremely high level’ conversation took place between US and North Korea:


This meeting should have taken place, way before the tit for tat comments by the Orange man and Kim Jong-in.

So as we leave this midweek ramble, I would like to add that Barara Bush was a fine First Lady and a brave woman Rest in Peace. Also my good friend and RCAF Veteran, plus 25 years as a Belleville Firefighter has passed away peacefully., Bob Hultquist Farewell my friend and Rest in Peace your Duty done.

Nil Sine Labore




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