Sadness in St Foy and all of Canada.

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This is what the World must do ……… LEARN to live together.


Sadness in St Foy and all over Canada.

Just yesterday I was listening to Radio Scotland in my car. The interview was conducted at an open house at Glasgow’s largest Mosque., The Muslim Council of Great Britain made an edict that all mosques were to be welcoming to non Islamic peoples. I thought GREAT that is certainly a step forward.

Until I turned on CBC news and saw the shootings at a Mosque in St Foy.

This is a disgrace and our young PM has stated it was terrorist driven. Whether it was a Terror Cell, a home grown Jihadi or simply a redneck,this is bad news for Canada.

My heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the families of those killed. With prayers that those injured survive this act of lowlifes., and recover fully from the wounds they have sustained.

CBC coverage in depth thus far:

I certainly hope that our PM and his Government use whatever means they need to bring these perpetrators to judgement.

Please have a thought and a prayer for our Troops serving in countries that that egomaniac trump has banned from travel. What a stupid man does he NOT THINK THINGS THROUGH???

Where are his political advisors??

Here in the UK a petition has been signed on the Government website to Block trumps visit to the UK and the Queen in the summer.

Stayed tuned folks trump is about….

Nil Sine Labore


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