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A couple of Blogs ago I received a question from a Veteran with regard to the Veterans Identity Card. I answered that unfortunately I had  no idea I had heard about the raising of this issue but all was quiet. Fast forward now to my brother Apprentice and RASC  Airborne Veteran and pal. Dale Martin he sent me this very interesting e mail which will hopefully enlighten  one and all. Thanks Dale.

Sent: August 23, 2018 1:15 PM
Subject: New Veteran Service Card

Good afternoon comrades,

Very important, please read below. The qualifying threshold has changed, eligibility for this card shall be aligned with the VAC definition of a veteran and be issued to all CAF members who successfully completed BMQ/BMOQ & honourably released under items 3, 4 or 5. The minimum 10 years of service has been dropped. The new NDI75 will now be called the (VSC) Veteran Service Card versus the Record of Service Card.

Apparently the CF One card is not accepted in some places in the USA without photo proof of military service. However, here is some news on the retirement card being reinstated. A new ID card for retired members will be available soon. have a read of the info I found on a reputable Facebook site just released.
The NDI75 is coming back!
The CAF is re-introducing the NDI 75 as a Veteran Service Card intended to acknowledge the service of members and to encourage an enduring affiliation with the CAF. The purpose of this email is to provide you advance notice of the imminent implementation of the NDI 75 Veteran’s Service Card (VSC) which is a replacement to the former NDI 75 Record of Service Card. Eligibility for this card shall be aligned with the VAC definition of a veteran and be issued to all CAF members who successfully completed BMQ/BMOQ & honourably released under items 3, 4 or 5. Official announcements via media sources and a CANFORGEN are expected in the very near future to provide official notice and which will provide much greater detail to CAF members and the public. This initiative is being coordinated through CMPC and VCDS DGDS.
Essentially, Release Staff shall send an email to NDIS with basic information, NDIS will produce the card and send it to the Release Staff for presentation during the final release interview in exchange for the NDI 20/10. The attached SOP provides procedural detail on how to order the NDI 75 VSC.
The rollout of the NDI 75 VSC will be conducted in the stages defined below, where the immediate concern will be with Stage 1. The intent is to minimize the demands for your Sections.
• Stage 1: CAF member releasing with a final release date, or final release interview, of 4 September 2018 onwards – Release Sections & Reserve Units. If a member’s release date is 31 August 2018 or prior, they shall be included in Stage 2. Release staff are to follow the attached SOP;
• Stage 2: CAF members who released between 01 February 2016 and 03 September 2018 – Central process will be completed via HRMS Data Extract and members will apply via an online portal; and
• Stage 3: Any former CAF member released prior to 01 February 2016 who did not receive an NDI 75 due to the previous qualifying thresholds. These varied over the years where the most recent NDI 75 was 10 years of service – Central process which will require a team enabled to verify data in PERMIS, at LAC or with VAC.
The first NDI 75s are to be issued as of 04 September 2018. Your immediate assistance is required as card production and mailing can take up to 3 weeks; staff are to immediately commence sending NDI 75 VSC requests IAW with the attached SOP to ensure NDIS has sufficient time to produce and distribute the cards to your sections.
Repeat only for complete clarity: NDI 75 VSC requests are to be sent immediately for personnel with a final release date or having their final release interview on or after 04 September 2018 onwards.
Should you receive inquiries from Veterans who are not covered in Stage 1, please inform them that information about these Stages will be promulgated by DND/CAF once procedures have been more fully developed. At which point the DND/CAF will promulgate direction and resource access to all former CAF members through either Stage 2 or Stage 3. A general inquiry NDI 75 telephone line is to be created for Stages 2 and 3 and will be disseminated as soon as available. Lastly, amendments to MHRRP, CFAO 15-2, CANFORGEN and various form updates shall be completed in due course.
Warrant Officer (Ret’d)
Mike Boudrias (CD)
2 CDO – 1979 – 1981
CABC – 1990 – 1993
Airborne Coin: 2326

CVFR Meaford
Unit Founder


Hope this info is  good for you.

Nil Sine Labore



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