St Foy atrocity, a HATE Crime perpetrated by a young Canadian (so sad to say)

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The Lowlife who shot up the Mosque in St Foy, was not a member of isis/daesh nor any Terror Group that we know off. He was simply a poor deluded young man Canadian Born and raised. As to why he did it we may never know?

However this hearkens back to my Blog of Yesterday. Our PM was pretty fast of the mark saying it was a Terrorist attack.

The word Terror or Terrorist is used far too often incorrectly, including our PM

Terrorist: (noun) a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Terrorist; (Adjective) unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. “ A terrorist organization”

Terrorism: (Noun) noun. [mass noun] The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims: ‘the fight against terrorism’ ‘international terrorism’ … “Experts say that the public is getting a mixed message from the government on terrorism.”


This is exactly what I tried to say yesterday. As sad as this atrocious attack was against peaceful people at Prayers. By saying the word Terrorism, this instils a fear in some and instils anger in others. (Especially those who would attack someone on mixed messages from the media and our own Government.

One who spouts these untruths certainly bends the truth to set his own goals. Whom am I speaking of none other than donald j trump. A man who feels that his word is absolutely correct and accepted by the world.

If he would open his eyes he would see that the world is against most of his edicts.


I say with PRIDE that my son Michael (soon to be a ½ Centerrian) posted this on his facebook.

How about we stop helping “push” everyone’s agenda by calling or labeling everything as a “Terrorist” act. The shootings in Quebec as horrible as they are. ARE NOT TERRORISM they are an act of HATE. A HATE CRIME….

A lone person trying to push his agenda of hate.

By labeling it terrorism you are feeding the terrorism fire by showing people they need to be afraid of terrorism, by showing terrorists they are getting what they want by making people so afraid that they are scaring them without trying and you are promoting to anti terrorism craziness that is fueling Trump and many others.

The guy who’s name should not be glorified was a hate monger not an organized or patriotic gorilla solder. He was a sad lonely loser so full of self hate he killed others trying to feel powerful. Let the courts sort him out anonymously without the fan fare he craved. Egotist, And double our funding for the mentally ill and take care of the disenfranchised and maybe we could avoid some future issues.

This was exactly the point of my blog yesterday. Thanks Mookie.

Before I continue I must once again answer this question. Some folks have asked me to correct names with Capitals etc. I simply do the lower case in some instances as they are groups or persons who do not deserve Capitalisation nor indeed recognition)

So you will always see isis/daesh, boko haram, alquada in lower case and currently

Donald j trump egotist, propagandist, and a misogynous person.

With his banning of refugees and travellers from seven countries. He conveniently forgot the following countries if he is convinced that terrorists  come from these banned countries..

STRANGE that he forgot these countries??

Trumps mental state is covered by many media sources here are a few.

Even back in 2015 they were writing of his narcissism . I remember when that German Pilot deliberately crashed his air craft with a full load of innocents. The world was outraged that more mental checks were not carried out….Well what about a leader of a country????

On that note folks, I look anxiously to the future with any more ridiculous Executive Orders being dreamt up and signed by the Donald.

Please remember our troops and their families at home while they serve on foreign soil to defeat Terrorism.

Nil Sine Labore


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