Tomorrow the Flags of Remembrance will be raised across CANADA

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Thanks to Al Cameron and his superb teams who have worked so hard to get this far. Al Cameron is indeed a Canadian who not only respects Veterans, their families and Serving Soldiers. He makes one proud to be Canadian. BRAVO ZULU    AL and keep up the great projects of REMEMBRANCE.    

With only 6 Red Fridays remaining before Remembrance Day I must wonder if WW£ will be upon us by then. The mad babblings and taunts of the so called LEADER of the USA are not ceasing at all. In fact now he is picking on IRAN…..again.

PROJECTIONS are appearing at an alarming rate in the world’s media. If for example  North Korea unleashed a missile strike on Tokyo and Seoul. Initial estimates are 2.1 million dead and many hundreds of thousands  maimed and wounded.

As we are all aware RUSSIA has provided more Chess Masters than any other country and PUTIN Is  plating a great Game of World Chess( Diplomacy) he agreed with the latest Sanctions from the UN. Yet he quietly tries to improve relations with this mad man Kim il Jong: A very dangerous game indeed….BUT  If it works then  he can safely be credited from saving us from WW3. Putin is indeed a far more intelligent man than both the US Bully and the North Korean Bully. I seriously wonder if TRUMP can even play Checkers let alone CHESS.

Trump is once again on the warpath with the opposite side of the world from North Korea…..IRAN.

Trump: Iran has not lived up to spirit of nuclear deal

US president says ‘Iran’s aggression’ must be stopped, as reports suggest he may decertify landmark nuclear agreement.

This so called US Policing of the world  rankles me and I am sure some citizens of the USA. Trump has far more immediate problems in his homeland. GUN CONTROL being at the top currently as well as Mother Natures Wrath against  many States and Puerto Rico. Then again there the probes and senate committee investigating the TRUMP malfunctions.

Sad to hear that 3 US Special Forces were killed in an ambush in Nigeria as well as members of the Nigerian Army. Rest in Peace fellow soldiers.

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND in CANADA. So enjoy family get togethers, be thankful we are Canadian and please remember thos Canadians who are serving far from home on this another Family Holiday.   Afghanistan, Estonia, Ukraine and many other hot spots. Stay Safe my Brothers and Sisters.

Nil Sine Labore


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