We Stand on Guard for Thee……..Red Friday

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52 years this Month 15 Feb 1965 our Maple Leaf Flag known throughout the world.

The words from our National Anthem ring so true for our Military:     O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Whether they are serving in far flung outposts of this world or here at home in our Native Land. Whether it is aid to the civil powers for Search and Rescue, snow removal or any of a myriad of situations that may occur.

The news article on the CBC net is all about   The Big One.

This is the major quake that residents of British Columbia fear. The military of British Columbia has a callout plan in readiness.



On this final Red Friday of February 2017, we must  look  to Veteran’s Voices of Canada for their 2017 Flag Raising honouring our Veterans.

https://vetvoicecan.org/flags-of-remembrance-2/          Al Cameron does a wonderful inter-provincial event each October leading up to Remembrance Day. The logistics involved are many. So folks if you wish to honour a family member, a friend, or simply to remember what our military has done for us. Contact Al Cameron soonest   Why not help organise a new group, in a new Province, city,town or Village.

In Fact I would like to raise a challenge to Military Families at bases across Canada to raise the Flags as a project to show your support.

Sadly our most recent Veterans are simply not being taken care of. We have all seen the Facebook stories of Refugees and Migrants who have never served Canada for one day. In fact some are even our enemies. Well the truth is out in this link from the CBC:


Former naval lieutenant Stephen Wight is one of thousands of ex-military members who has been left in debt while waiting for pension cheques. (Provided by Stephen Wight)

This next link will show you where Your Canadian Military are serving Globally in February. They certainly deserve far better treatment upon retirement, than non contributing people in Canada draining our monetary resources.


Have a great week end and please wear  Red on Friday to show support for your Troops and the military families of Canada.

Nil Sine Labore


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